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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Handcraft trip 19-26.8.2011, part 2

Bosnia and Herzegovina

On the way to Tuzla we stopped for some coffee and on the restaurants window lay this huge butterfly or moth. The wingspan was more than the width of my palm. And as a biologist I of course had to document it. According to my googlesearch it some sort of silk moth.


So, we arrived in Tuzla on Sunday evening and had a short walk around the city. It was Ramadan when we were in Bosnia and Herzegovina, so around 8 o´clock all the mosques in the city turned on their decorative lights and started summoning people for prayer and the evening feast. I think it´s amazing how they go without eating or drinking (even water!) during the hole day, when it´s 30 degrees hot! Wow. I call that devotion.

The next morning we paid a visit to BHcrafts, which is an organization that was established after the war to help women to make a living. The products are of high quality and they are exported to several countries. The idea is that the materials and patterns are sent to the women and they make the handcraft at home and get paid for it. 300-400 women are employed by this fair trade organization. The items are not cheap, but if they would be, the women wouldn´t get paid for the effort they put into the handcraft. The web page wasn´t working when I wrote this, but you can find them on facebook.

I bought some earrings (surprise surprise)...

...and some sort of necklaces, which I think I will use in a lot of different ways...

...for example around the arm. Or maybe as decoration on a bag.

The way to Sarajevo was beautiful, filled with hills and winding roads. The countryside is totally different compered to the views in Croatia, which were field after field after field. We stopped and had lunch at place that served good food and had a nice view over a small village.

And had some nice beer of course :)You need to support the local industry, right?
And suddenly we realized that there were a six puppies underneath the terrace where we were sitting. She´s so cute! I had a hard time convincing myself why I shouldn´t take her along with me. Awww...

To be continued...

Coming up in the next (and hopefully last) part of the trip: Sarajevo and Mostar.

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