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Monday, September 12, 2011

Handcraft trip 19-26.8.2011, part 3

Took me a while to write this down, but finally I found some time :)


I can start by saying that I really likes Sarajevo! I warmly recommend it to all of you. The food is lovely, with a lot of influence from the Muslim kitchen. In the architecture there is a great difference between the Ottoman period and the eastern-Hungarian period.The city is located in a valley, surrounded by beautiful hills. It was scary to think that 20 years ago people lived in terror while Serbian snipers hid on the hilltops and in surrounding buildings and killed all that moved.

The streets are full of "roses" - historical marks of grenades that they´ve painted red. 10 000 people died during the war and of those 1 500 were children.
The corner where the assassination on 28.6.1914 led to the beginning of World War I . To the right the latin bridge in Sarajevo.

 On Tuesday we visited a Silversmith and then had free time. So I spent like 7 hours walking up and down the small streets of Sarajevo, looking at all the stuff that were on sale in the small shops. And of course I did some shopping!!

Silver work.
I bought this piece of jewelery in Sarajevo. It´s made of different stones and is therefore quite heavy.


Mostar also had a rough time during the war. The bridge was bombed to pieces, but they rebuild it from the pieces left in the river and now the town lives on tourism. It was over +40 C when we arrived, so we did a short stroll in the center and then we went to a vineyard for lunch. There it was cool and nice, and I managed to buy a couple of bottles of Bosnian white wine. :)

The bridge of Mostar in the background.
At the vineyard. The food was excellent!
And before we left the vineyard we had time to pick some fruits :)
Back in Sarajevo

On Thursday we paid a visit to a local copper smith in Sarajevo and had the opportunity to try some copper work for ourselves. Yeah, it looks like I´m (again) back in sixth grade, haha. Some of us even got the chance to be part of a childrens program, which tell about local handcraft in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All the works are made by the copper smith or his family members, except the flower power in the right corner, which obviously is made by me ;)   

I had to photograph them, because they look like towers from HP or something...

My hat. I love it. Can also be seen in my friends blog.
All in all, I had a wonderful trip and I´m certainly doing it again next year!


  1. Kiitos :) Oli kyllä mahtava reissu - lähde ihmeessä mukaan ens vuonna!

  2. Tunnelmointia tiedossa jatkossakin - heitin sinua tunnustuksella, joka löytyy blogistani!