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Friday, August 5, 2011

Childhood all over again

Last summer I realized that I still have a lot of toys from my childhood. Well I didn´t want to use up all my "memories", so I went to some flee markets and found similar toys.

As with the rubik´s cubes, I drilled a hole in the head of the toys (evil, I know) and glued a wire with a loop in the other end. I just want to remind that drilling holes in small toys can be potentially dangerous, so if you do it - do it at your own risk! A problem I encountered was that the drill, due the the small size, easily breaks leaving one end in the toy. But with some practice I did some nice earrings.


Kinder Easter egg surprises.

These I found at Valtterin kirpputori in Vallila.

The dots are from the shop at my work. These were the most difficult to drill due to the hard material.

These are from some Easter eggs, but I can´t remember which brand made them. Cute though.

As you probably can see (or count), there is an uneven amount of some of the earrings. That´s because I haven´t yet done all that I have. I haven´t either paired the Easter eggs surprises, so that those who buy a pair can choose for them self which ones they want to combine.

The best market to sell this kind of earrings would probably be at happenings like Ropecon. Unfortunately it already went. Maybe next year?

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